Green habits daily

Here’s what we are doing to reduce our carbon footprint.

The Baylight team have put sustainability at the heart of decision making to deliver this light art trail as sustainably as we can. We will strive to do better each year


  • All installations have been positioned to minimise and create minimal impact on the local ecology.
  • We have chosen a number of artworks that are inspired by, and enlighten us, about environmental issues such as Aqualux, POLAR and Harmonic Portal.


  • By the very nature of light art, the installations need power and we are delighted to deliver this festival without the need to use generators.
  • All pieces programmed this year use mains power or rechargeable batteries.
  • We use LED festoon to light the route, which are low power.


  • We will audit artist travel and use this as a benchmark for future Baylights.
  • Where possible, artists will travel with their artwork to minimise the carbon footprint.
  • We will audit audience travel to see where we can make improvements for future Baylight festivals.
  • We will encourage audiences to offset their travel by making a donation to the woodland trust
  • Where possible we are working with local contractors and suppliers to reduce the festival footprint.


  • All artworks on display are existing pieces which artists tour around festivals.
  • Audiences will be encouraged to bring their own reusable cup or water bottles with them.
  • Audiences will be encouraged to light up their bikes using existing bike lighting accessories and anything they buy specifically for the event should be reused.
  • We will switch off street lighting around artworks during operational hours to maximise the impact of the installation (and save on energy use!)


  • Event signage will be printed on correx which is a material which can be recycled post event.
  • We will audit any leftover marketing material so we make more informed decisions on future festival print runs.
  • Any leftover marketing material will be recycled.


  • All artists requested to supply environmental statements as part of the Baylight contracting procedure.
  • We will use Creative Green Tools on the Julie’s Bicycle website to capture our carbon footprint.