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Festival Parade

Yellow Flower

01  —  Following the leader


A fiesta on Morecambe promenade, Friday Night 6-7pm, where dazzling light trails mingle with floats and even dancing octopuses, turning the beach into a wild, illuminated party under the stars!

Friday Night

Life and Death
Spirit of choise


Camino al panteón
Sugar candy skull

“Excellent event that had a great feel”

· Light Trail ·

Live Music

Follow the Light

Traditional Music

02  — Light Installations and Features

Light Fantastic

A magical glow-up party on Morecambe promenade, where light trails paint the night with vibrant colors, turning the seaside into a mesmerizing wonderland!

“Brilliant event well managed”

02  —  Exhibitions & Workshops

Workshops Galore

Get ready to craft some glow-up magic! There are rad workshops where kids and adults can whip up their own light-up wonders to shine bright in the parade

*** Interactive workshops

Interactive Workshops

Make things for the parade

Photographic Exhibition

“Very well presented and a great event for Morecambe”

03  —  Photographic Competition

Insta Opportunities

A photographer’s dream come true! With vibrant light trails and a kaleidoscope of colors, your socials are about to pop off with stunning shots that’ll make your followers wish they were there for the glow-up extravaganza!

Photo Op

Typical Ofrenda
Regional Food

Do you have the eye

the winter gardens illuminated

“Fantastic event”

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